Wednesday, April 2, 2014

pain in the rear

This is the time of year that my sciatica starts being a "pain in the rear," literally.:-P

I spend most of my waking hours sitting, either sitting at home (studying or reading or watching tv) or sitting at work (tutoring or working on e-mails or transcripts in the office). My back ain't what it used to be, darn Hurricane Ivan cleanup. I need Dr. Garry Hendricks to move back in the more local locale!!!! Whaaaa! Ft. Walton Beach is just too far to drive for one of his acupressure-miracle-working-adjustments! So relieving.

Trim Healthy Mama life and losing 42 pounds has made a HUGE difference in my energy and activity levels. I can garden for hours, up and down, crawling around on the ground, back-bending over weeds and hauling, digging, pulling and trimming. I am feeling so much better! And yet this sciatica threatens.

I am starting to use Young Living Essential Oils...this month is my first as a Member. I am excited about it! They have an oil blend called Pan-Away for pain. I also LOVE the Frankincense and Stress Away oils. Mmm.

Garden prep is coming along slowly. Very slowly. Every weekend it either rains or I am busy with an uni exam or the nieces are visiting. Oh, well. Can't do everything. And I gotta spend time with these lovies, all the time that I can! <3
My adorable nieces!

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