Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring has come

Spring came early for us this year. The weather warmed up, the daffodils and paperwhites bloomed in February, and we were swimming in the pool by the first of April. Cardinal parents set up nest outside our front door, and the wisteria’s fragrance was heady.

The beaches are beautiful and warm (and once again white, after last year’s disaster). I enjoy hearing my my 2-year-old niece squeal to see the wide open sand and water. “Yay! It’s pwetty, Aubee!” Corrie Lynn loves to “swim” in the sand, make sand-angels, and splash in the bubbly waves as they lap onshore.It is heart-warming to see her fresh delight! As we lather on our Burt's Bees sunscreen, we are thanking the Lord for letting us enjoy His creative world!

Aside from the fact that I am busier than ever at this time of year, I just LOVE spring!

As every graduating class grows in number as the years go by, so does my load of work in preparing their transcripts and processing Bright Future applications. This spring I have also attended an administrator's workshop by our accrediting board and taken our kids to the local Homeschool Prom (and hosted an after-party!). The first was informational. The second, downright a blast! It's strange that graduation for this class is only a month off now!

We also celebrate the 2nd birthday of the child that made us aunties...Corrie Lynn turns two, to the tune of a "Bob" party coming up this Friday. She is such a doll...and a devotee of Bob, Larry, and friends! She loves to read, draw, sing, dance, swim, and is quite on the go at all times. We just took the girls to Penny's for their portraits;they were just adorable! Juliana Mae is 5 months old now, it's hard to believe. And sooo different from CL, in everything from looks to temperament. I "put on the ritz" on Easter Sunday; all the family was here and a fun time was had by all. Being the Easter Bunny has its advantages! :-P

This week is Spring Break at CIAS...and lucky me, I am studying for college finals. :-) Oh, joy! At least I can sleep in and attempt to rid myself of the dark circles that threaten to take over my face! And I have a LIST of things I want to get done around the house. That I will do. So help me. And I get to COOK, which I LOVE (and miss during the school year!). And create my spring/summer budget.

This time of year will fly by quickly. I don't get to blog like I'm accustomed to anymore. Soon it will be summer, and school will be out, and I will be wrapping up a successful school year and planning a new one. And tutoring my bro through college algebra. And taking my nieces to the beach and to the seashell shop. :-) And going for sushi with Mom. And reading a few good books. God is good!
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