Saturday, January 8, 2011

at home

Jane Austen wrote in her Emma, "Ah! there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."

Well, I heartily agree. These three weeks at home, away from the bustle of teaching school and studying for college, has been such a blessed respite. We are enjoying our new 42". All the holiday Hallmark and Christmas movies have been cool. Our home was so lovely for the holidays, and now I am taking it all down, putting away, and hauling tubs back to the shed where they will store for the next eleven months. I am sooo so blue about the holidays drawing to a close! I enjoyed every minute and moment. The poinsettias are still gorgeous and brighten the house. I am reminded...

Here we come a-wassailing among the leaves so green!
And here we come a-wand’ring so fair to be seen!
Love and joy come to you and to you your wassail too,
And God bless you and send you a happy new year!
And God send you a happy new year!

 I am trying out a new arrangement of our family photos on the wall-to-wall book shelves in the den. Now I am looking for pink candles to accent my Valentine's decorations (pink dining linens, two small pink fiber optic trees for the buffet, heart ornaments, etc.). Not a clue where I can find them...

Daniel has really been working diligently on the south-end remodel. The new double-size bathroom has insulation and drywall up, so it is beginning to look like it should. We made a decision to remove the wall & closets that were separating the old laundry hall from the new laundry room, so now it is one very nice and large laundry/utility room. Once we get the floor tiled, I will move in the two tall oak shelves from my bedroom (redo coming in there this year!) for folded towels and blankets, as well as the white table from the back porch for folding and laundry basket storage. I am so excited!!!

BTW, a little trivia...January 6th was 12th Night, made famous by Shakespeare's wonderful play (and a very funny movie!), and the following day was Epiphany, historically memorializing the arrival of the wise men to greet baby Jesus.

Out with the OLD...

In the in-between time...

Friday, January 7, 2011

resolutions for 2011

Each year, I think and pray and stew and think and pray some more about what I should do or become or change. I need to seek the Lord more for this new year. Until far, I would like to accomplish the following in 2011:

1. Read my Bible every day.
I read my Bible pretty regularly, but not every day like I want to. So THAT is going to change.

2. Lose at least 20 pounds.
I know that I need ot lose more than that, but if I set accomplishable goals for myself, I know that I can and will accomplish them!

3. Redecorate my bedroom.
New wallpaper, a different furniture arrangement, an armchair, tv, a bed board and 2 lighted display cases/shelves for my "pretties."

4. Eliminate more clutter and "belonging build-up."
We have lived in our house over 20 years. That equals accumulating unneeded things/stuff/junk. I started to clean out closets and throw away in 2010, and I will continue into 2011. It is liberating!!! :-)

5. Get more active and exercise.
Tricia and I will purchase an exercise machine this year and will use the back porch-turned-exercise room after its remodel is finished. I also would like to go bowling more, as my sciatica is not giving me issues much anymore (thanks to Doc's prescription of cinnamon~ginger tea).

6. Spend more time with my precious nieces!
They are so adorable. I pray they come to know Jesus early and that they live for Him.

Enjoying the piano with Aunt Tisi...look at that grin!
Dancing around the menorah in her new tutu.
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