Friday, January 7, 2011

resolutions for 2011

Each year, I think and pray and stew and think and pray some more about what I should do or become or change. I need to seek the Lord more for this new year. Until far, I would like to accomplish the following in 2011:

1. Read my Bible every day.
I read my Bible pretty regularly, but not every day like I want to. So THAT is going to change.

2. Lose at least 20 pounds.
I know that I need ot lose more than that, but if I set accomplishable goals for myself, I know that I can and will accomplish them!

3. Redecorate my bedroom.
New wallpaper, a different furniture arrangement, an armchair, tv, a bed board and 2 lighted display cases/shelves for my "pretties."

4. Eliminate more clutter and "belonging build-up."
We have lived in our house over 20 years. That equals accumulating unneeded things/stuff/junk. I started to clean out closets and throw away in 2010, and I will continue into 2011. It is liberating!!! :-)

5. Get more active and exercise.
Tricia and I will purchase an exercise machine this year and will use the back porch-turned-exercise room after its remodel is finished. I also would like to go bowling more, as my sciatica is not giving me issues much anymore (thanks to Doc's prescription of cinnamon~ginger tea).

6. Spend more time with my precious nieces!
They are so adorable. I pray they come to know Jesus early and that they live for Him.

Enjoying the piano with Aunt Tisi...look at that grin!
Dancing around the menorah in her new tutu.

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