Sunday, May 18, 2014

trouble in the kingdom

On Friday, I had stepped out of the school to momentarily speak to one of my dads (he is paraplegic). While I was out, two of our girls had a cat started it thoughtlessly, and the other came unglued. It was awful. I was immediately irritated and disturbed that they had even scrapped at all. I spoke to them about pursuing peace and  not getting easily provoked. I appealed to their claiming to be Christians, following Jesus' command to turn the other cheek, and having the Holy Spirit inside to guide them. Nothing. Nada. Nothing got through to them. It was so immature, so "I'm-gonna-tell-my-mama-when-I-get-home" adolescent behavior on both girls' part. They kept going at it until it was disturbing several different teachers' tutoring lessons, and I had to raise my voice to quiet them down. It was awful (have I said that before?!).

As the day wore on, I became angry at the two girls, especially when I found out that in response to my quoting of Jesus' instruction to turn the other cheek and not "getting people back," she had retorted some diatribe about how her mama had taught her to hit back if she was hit. I felt defeated, increasingly ticked off as the day went on. Then that night, I read this verse (Matt. 5:7) on Facebook, and the  Lord said to me, "Simmer down! This is not about you. It's about My work in these girls' lives. It's about Me."

So now I am armed. Since it is an official "school incident" and has to be written up, they will be copying Scriptures that apply to their offenses and writing apology letters. We're headed into the last two weeks of the school year, for crying out loud. My mercy levels are tapped out, so hold me, Jesus!

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