Sunday, September 26, 2010

September daze

September is my favorite month of the year. I wait all year for it to come around again. I blink, and then it is gone.

I was born in September.

The weather is starting to cool off just a bit. Not enough to go camping, but enough to notice and appreciate it!

Autumn favorite season. Also some of my favorite tv shows start their seasons.

I always get bit by a "reading bug" in September!  I have Cindy Woodsmall's new book The Bridge of Peace  ready to go, and Mom has just gotten Beverly Lewis' The Thorn and devoured it.

And this year, I can add the "period movie bug" to the list! :-P  I watched "Bertie & Elizabeth on youtube last night. It is the story of King George VI (Albert)  & his queen Elizabeth (the current Elizabeth's parents). Fabulous story. I wonder if all the parts about Edward VIII (David) and his twice-divorced wife Wallis Simpson were accurate.

We began a remodeling project in the house in September...combining the back-to-back half and full bathrooms into one large bathroom with a walk-in shower for wheelchair use (one day we'll need it for Tricia and maybe Mom). Consequently, I have lost my shower for the next several months, and Daniel has moved the laundry room from the hallway into Sarah's old bedroom. Daniel is doing all the dirty work. I was in on the planning, buying, and budgeting parts with Mom and Trish. It will be so nice when it is done, which realistically, will be December.

I started cleaning out closets this month too. Old linens, clothes I don't wear, etc. It is nice to be able to walk into closets again. And store things we really use and need, instead of accumulated belongings that we have had who-knows-how-long. :-)

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