Wednesday, September 29, 2010

end draws near-errrrr

My favorite month is soon at an end. Ahhhh, September! In two weeks we have fall break at school. I am hoping to finish editing the Handbooks to have ready when we come back. I also need to tweak the October school billing.

I have this Saturday off from "cakeland," so I plan to make the best of it and get some R-E-S-T. I need a pedicure, so plans are to kidnap Cori for the afternoon. CL has been fractious this week, Sarah is super-stressed, and Tricia and I have been study-oholics. Test and more tests.

I am hosting the first senior meeting for the CIAS Class of 2011 tomorrow evening...that one always scares me...not sure why. A lot of expectant seniors and their parents will be there.

I cooked dinner several times this week. On Sunday I made a DELICIOUS bacon and cheese quiche (I think from one of my bakery research recipes). Last night I made peppered steak (onions, red & green bell peppers, strips of tender sirloin steak, a beef stew seasoning packet) over rice. It was so yummy. :-)

Work at CIAS have been especially busy. Interviews have slowed down, but teaching, tutoring, and supervising is UP. Today was nice, since a student or two was missing, so I had breaks to get busy work done. I also need to start on the rash of senior transcripts, a task that I have been putting off. I have done a few but not the majority by far. I did get to spend some time last night working on the updating the Class of 2010 grad info webpage (i.e. accomplishments, college plans, etc.).

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