Friday, October 1, 2010

ready for the weekend

I need to take a break from studying long neo-classical ramblings tonight. It's been a looong week and glad to see it end. The first Class of 2011 meeting last night was a great success; almost all the seniors and/or parents attended. I have been working on updating the "accomplishment list" for last year's seniors for the wesbite. With 29 grads, it's been quite a work in progress! :-P Tory L. visited on Thursday to finish some bio labs...she is doing well, and we chatted as long as I could before having to corral the natives...all the boys were playing football and enjoying themselves. Was able to take care of some "bidness" with several parents too.

After getting some grocery shopping done this afternoon after work, we spent the afternoon at Cori's, cooking for BLT's, visiting with Cori (who is looking and feeling VERY PREGO), and playing with our CL-Boo!  I got my first non-coerced smooch too! YAY! Was reminded today that I still hope. :-D

Have been enjoying the beginning of my "Fall Book List" picks with Beverly Lewis' new The Thorn. It's good so far. Some of my favorite shows are also on for their new seasons...NCIS, NCIS: LA, The Mentalist, and Castle. Now what's difficult is carving out time to actually see them! Tricia has to record them so we can watch them on the weekends as we can.

Tomorrow, I have school billings to tweak, handbooks to edit, and pedis are scheduled with Cori, so adios!

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