Friday, September 17, 2010

My 35th in NOLA

After planning (and saving for) a trip to New Orleans for years ( thanks to many friends and students who gave me travel tips!), I finally pulled it off for my birthday last weekend. We all had a blast...Tricia, Sarah, Mom and I spent Friday evening and all day Saturday there. We had a safe journey, thank the Lord. Arrived and checked in at the Place D'Armes Hotel on St. Ann's Street. Charming old place. We didn't get the room that I would have liked (leave it to me to leave THAT detail to the last minute.), but it was fine nonetheless.
The two arches were the windows to our room, right on St. Ann's.
The entrance to the courtyard~pool area
It had been a boys' school! :-)
I had made reservations for House of Blues for dinner, but as we walked up the dank alleyway, I didn't feel too good about it and was weirded out out about it. We walked back to Jackson Square and made reservations at Muriel's (our bellhop had recommended it). Then we had an hour's wait, so we took a carriage ride complete with historical narration from a cool old native who gave us 15 extra minutes to enjoy ourselves.
Our accommodating host and Baby Girl
Smile...It's your birthday!
My birthday dinner at Muriel's was DELICIOUS!!! I had a most perfect (melt-in-your-mouth) filet mignon, creme brulee, and pomegranate tea. The ambiance was delightful and the company fabulous, of course! We walked back down to the hotel; it was 11 or so by then. Showered. Sleep came in spurts for me; don't know why.

Woke up late and checked out by 11. Walked down to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait. We got a great table that could accommodate our rollator (Mom) and wheelchair (Trish). Enjoyed that immensely!

Yum, YUM!
We had several hours to kill, so we went shopping in the French Market. We got some gifts for our nieces and trekked down the strip for souvenirs and such. I got a pair of sunglasses, a tshirt & several magnets (for my "road trip" collections), a fleur-de-lis ornament, an adorable miniature english springer for my curio cabinet (to remember Hershey), and some rings and a brown brooch (something I have been looking for for awhile!).
Joan of Arc
Then we walked down to the loading dock for the Steamboat Natchez. That was a fun 2 hours! We all sat on the west-side deck, enjoying our lunch while listening to the captain's narration of the tour of New Orleans' harbor and history. After 3:15, I ducked inside to enjoy the jazz music and the AC!!!

Domino's Sugar Mill. 2nd largest in the world

We were exhausted by then. Went back to the hotel to retrieve the truck and headed back home. Sarah provided us with a few laughs with her CRAZY driving on the way back...hurtling down that exit to find the invisible Arby's was scarily great! :-P

We 3 at Jackson Square Park
It was a quick 24 hours but very memorable for my 35th. I do wish that Cori, Rachel & even Heidi had been able to come as I had originally planned. There was so much else to do in NO, so I must plan another trip to tour the St. Louis Cathedral, the Old Ursuline Convent, and the Old River Road Plantations tour. And Mom has scouted out the Bienville House Hotel for our next stay. :-)

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