Monday, July 12, 2010

goin' to the chapel

Marisa & Dusty were married on Saturday. The ceremony was at the picturesque Gonzales United Methodist Church, a beautiful structure. Sarah and I iced and decorated their wedding cake early in the morning. I got to wear my new pink & green dress. :-) I pray that they would center their marriage in You, Lord, and be blessed with many happy years together!

2010 has certainly been THE WEDDING YEAR for my former students...the first was Sarah Stevens in March, then Marisa. Next will be Rachel Strehlow, Katie Callow, and Lucas Dove.

It has been a nice weekend. I've been cooking, doing laundry, swimming, reading, cleaning, and budgeting. Now I am off to finish payroll taxes and mop the kitchen, two things that I hate! :-(

I pray for God's peace to reign in our fears or worries- financial, relational, or otherwise. Less of me, Lord, and more of You!

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