Sunday, May 30, 2010

partay after partay

Yesterday was my first day "free and clear;" my all-too-short summer has begun!

Slept late. Up with Trish to the bank. Swimming at Alex' was delivered 2 HOURS after it was ordered!!! The sun was so warm; a little rainstorm whipped in and ran us off after several hours. Home for a quick shower and then on to show Cydney some love at her birthday party.

This morning started out with a Gann Brothers concert at B&C's church. Dinner on the grounds with unusually good food. :-) Blessed be the one who invented NAPS!!!

Enjoyed Marisa and Dustin's engagement/Danielson's housewarming party this evening. "Foyle's War" and silly tv tonight, accompanied by Dove dark chocolates and popcorn.

Glad to be off this week. Oh, yeah. :-D

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