Thursday, April 5, 2012

hope and change

Is it really true that only 53% of Americans pay taxes?

In other words, that *I* am part of the 53% that everyone else wants to disable and disarm?
Occupy your family, folks. Occupy your role as mom and dad. Occupy seats at your kitchen table. Occupy job cubicles. Occupy "9-5" jobs. Occupy ballgame risers. Occupy concert seats. Occupy church pews. Occupy life.

I'll keep my finances, freedom, and faith, thank you.
You can "hope" for "change," but I'll bet it'll have eaten a hole in your pocket.

I am so tired of political rhetoric. I was talking to a 40-year math teacher at PSC's Collegiate High tonight, Jerry Cox. I am completing 15 hours of observing in his classroom this month. He told me tonight that he is liberal and slammed Santorum for some ignorant comment that he had made on the tv news last night. Mr. C has me pegged a right-wing, card-carrying Republican. He answers my educational questions with random observations about politics, invariably. But tonight, he got me to thinking...

I quit watching debates months ago.
They had quickly become pointless and foolish.
Soon after voting in the primary, I was put off by most of the media coverage that I was seeing, so I turned it all off. What politician keeps his campaign promises anyway?!

I am unhappy with the economy.
I don't like my own Republican party and detest the Democratic party too.
Promises are made easily to gain verbal advantage, and then none are kept.
And why have most of the "conservative" ticket runners undergone "conversions" to voting prolife after being in office for years?

They are either too controversial...Newt.
Come on, how many marriages can one guy have before it's ridiculous?!?
I like your politics, but not your personal life.

Too young...Santorum.
He still has young kids at home, for crying out loud.
Go home!
Although I do like him best, I think.

Too impotent...Paul.
Just vote NO! Just vote NO!
Mr. Paul, just what have you done for your constituents, buddy?

And too rich...Romney.
Too scary "spirit-baby" Mormon.
Too stuck up.
How in the world can he even remotely identify with the middle men.

I don't think any of them can do anything to rectify the disabling of the dwindling middle class.
I have little faith in anyone on the ballot anymore.
I am not optimistic about "winning America back."
I sincerely think the judgment of God is being played out on the US of A for so many moral and social evils...
Primarily two.
and the systematic dishonoring of God as our leader and foundation.

I remember that this world is not my home. I am a citizen of heaven.
Come, Lord Jesus! We are ready for eternity with You!
This world must pass away.

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