Monday, March 12, 2012

tea parties and friendship

I enjoyed Lanier's blog post today Trusted and True about springtime tea and the spiritual support of trustworthy, faithful, Godly friends. It reminded of a day and time when I was an rabid romantic and relished throwing extravagant tea parties for my students and their moms. It seems so long ago now. And I have so many sweet memories. I do hope I created some as well. :-)

My favorite china pattern, Royal Albert's Lady Carlyle

Her article makes me want to host a cozy tea party for my birthday in September, like I used to when life was simpler, and I did not work so incessantly! Now that I have adorable nieces, it will be so much more fun. I can also identify with her value of friendships. Even though I do not have many, I treasure my sisters and loved ones more and more as the years pass, especially since some are now gone away to Glory!

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