Tuesday, December 27, 2011

post-Christmas reflections

"...for it is good to be children sometimes, 
and never better than at Christmas, 
when its mighty Founder was a child himself."
~Charles Dickens

I showed the film "The Nativity" to my students at school over this last month. I watched most of it with them, to remind myself of the Advent of the Son of God coming to our Earth, His cradle, as a babe. The humanity and Jewishness of Mary (Myriam in Hebrew) and Joseph stood out to me. The search of the magi to find the king foretold and pointed to by the celestial "Star of Bethlehem." Kepler thought that this nova was most likely a conjugation of Jupiter and Saturn around 7 B.C., while other astronomers say that they were in triple conjugation with the constellation Pisces. The Chinese even recorded a comet standing still for 70 days in 5 B.C. Who really knows? It is fascinating to conjecture though. :-D

When I think how far we have come from that event, that day when Christ was born in humanity to be our Savior, I wonder what Mary must have thought about her role in Jehovah's master plan. The Scriptures indicate that she thought about it, pondered it, and hid those thoughts in her heart. The immense responsibility of such a young girl bearing the Messiah must have weighed heavy in her.

This brings me to the idea of faith.

By faith, Elizabeth believed that the babe that Mary bore was the Messiah. By faith, Mary believed the angel Gabriel and accepted her role in the eternal drama. By faith, Joseph took Mary to be his wife, knowing full well that they would be ostracized for the unlawful pregnancy.

There is something about faith that stirs the human soul beyond itself.

It cannot be explained with logic or psychological means.

Faith is, of course, "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Hebrews 11:1).

Some of my former students are now sworn atheists. Once visited me two weeks ago, one day after returning from his second Army tour in Afghanistan. I sat and listened and talked for over an hour. What traumas he has experienced. What bloody hell-on-earth he has seen. I would not trade places with him for the world. But I do pray for his soul, his scarred and bruised and jaded soul. I want to see him in Heaven one day, so to that end I pray and intercede.

I feel that I have come to a point in my life that God is requiring me to dig deeper into my spiritual self and find a deeper faith, one that does not murmur or complain or gripe or ask "WHY?!?" It's as though He does not want me to question Him at all, to be acquiescent to His plan for my family, and more specifically my own life. And it is hard, so hard for this logical girl! :-)

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  1. Good post MB. Glad to see your blog in my roll again!


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