Tuesday, December 27, 2011

oodles of gifts

55. A wonderful Christmas Eve, spent with family and long-time friends- the Touarts, Haights & Paynes

56. A spicey Jones clan Christmas Day (must everyone be so cranky about my kitchen buzzer?!?)

57. Excited glee from our nieces over their gifts, especially over the old toddler desk that "Unker Danner" refinished and painted anew for the next generation of Joneses to enjoy

58. Red Box movies

59. Renfroe Praline Pecans...soooo delicious & yummy!

60. The pretty red-blooming amaryllis I found in Winn Dixie's flower store

61. New Christmas music CD's: Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, Kutless

62. Last-minute Christmas gifts for my family & employees

63. Grace to properly react to a failure of trust in someone I should have been able to trust to carry out my good wishes

64. Strength to stop murmuring against the Lord for what I "have not"

65. Getting to see Orion and its nebula M42 tonight in our clear skies

66. Extra buttery popcorn

67. Energy and good health, to do what needs to be done

68. The luxury of sleeping through the night, every night

69. God's creation of a clean and pure heart, and a quiet spirit, within me

70. Being able to pay my mortgage and bills, once again, this month

71. Another NIECE...or nephew (this is Cori & Brian's #3) on the way!!! :-D

72. A future sister-in-law (via my brother Daniel), Brittany

73. The Holy Writ, that never-ending source of unfathomable riches and wisdom!

74. Dinner at Friday's tonight with my baby sis Sarah

75. Getting to sleep in late during my holiday

76. The knowledge that my sisters, Tricia and Sarah especially, have my back

77. Being raised in the knowledge of righteousness and holiness (without which, I would not see God!)

78. Two wonderful, however flawed, parents who listened to the voice of the Holy Ghost

79. Sparkly lights at Christmas, all over everywhere

80. The liberty and freedom of being able to worship my God freely, without censure

"Give thanks to the Lord! His Love Endures Forever!"

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