Monday, June 27, 2011


Uncle Greg was in the hospital last week with a heart attack. We packed into Cori's car and visited with him and Aunt Rosie during the late afternoon. It was good to spend time with them, and we got to see Annie & her Baylen for a quick hi. Greg did not look good, and he slept most of the time we were there. Rose bounced Juliana on her leg as Corrie Lynn hopped in circles around the floor rug. Such delightful and sweet babies! As Mom and Aunt Rosie's white heads were bent over cups of hot tea while they sat indulging in "old lady talk," I was reminded that they are both getting old and felt a strange uncanny urgency. We must treasure the fleeting time that we have left with them! And I am so thankful for the "goodly heritage" that they have left for us younger torch-bearers.

Aunt Rosie is such an inspiration. Mom said, after we got home, that she has always been inspirational even to her, her best friend. Rose is such a classy lady, a true southern hostess, homemaker, and cook-on-the-fly. And her patio garden! I was soothing Juliana into a nap on their patio/veranda close to the evening. The cool breezes were blowing from the north end of the county, and it was so refreshing! She slept on my lap for almost an hour, and I got to just sit on the swing and think. And Tricia and I went right home and bought ourselves some pots, Miracle Grow potting soil, and a small collection of herbs, flowers, and bell pepper and tomato plants! It was actually a lot of work, but FUN hard work. :-)

So I came away inspired in several areas of life. I don't experience these moments too often, so I'll ponder this one for awhile yet.

Aunt Rosie & Cori (her god-daughter) on Christmas Eve 2010

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