Saturday, October 16, 2010

payroll taxes & hershey's syrup

It's a headache that I dread once a month, and hate once a quarter. Well, the better part of  today was spent doing the 3rd quarter 941s. And, in reading all the materials that IRS sends, I discovered that there are three new things to do.

1. w-11s to be filled out for the fed gov's new HIRE employer incentives
2. i-9s to be filled out for the USCIS by all new employees who are employment eligible
3. All new hires have to be registered with the FL DOCF (to track/catch deadbeat parents not paying child support)

Yay. More paperwork to do. But it is done for now.

Enjoyed breakfast this morning with T & Mom at the new Hardees on Navy. Good coffee and conversation!

Taking a break with a tall glass of chocolate milk, then on to a big editing project that I have been putting off: combining both school handbooks into one and getting them printed. Meg is sleeping beside me (for now, anyway). I am listening to Chris's new CD again today. Good stuff. He needs to get some radio time and do worship gigs!!!

Yesterday, we went over to Cori's, and I cleaned her kitchen and then made the Thai coconut/lime soup that we planned. It was so delicious...even better than Siam Thai's version. I will def make that again!

I am on a period film kick right now; I stayed up waaaaay too long last night watching some Austen films and parts of another called "The Painted Veil." I would like to see an edited/cut version of the whole thing. It is set in China and is a story of forgiveness and pardon.

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