Thursday, October 14, 2010

no more camera blues

I have been "afeared" that my beloved camera was on the fritz. I got it 4-5 years ago, and have since taken 10,000 pictures. Yes, you counted right. :-D Two weeks ago, it started to not save pics onto the memory card; it would take them, but not save them. I have a little dinky memory card that came with the camera, so I put it in this evening to see if it would save. In the process I accidentally dumped the batteries out and discovered....that one had been put in wrong! So the new 4GB card that I bought today at WM may go back to its little shelf. :-) Yay!!!

Today was "out with Mom" day. She has been asking me to go to Kirby with her regarding a vacuum cleaner barter with one of our families at school. I was dreading it; I LOVE to barter, but sometimes it is just awkward. But it all went splendidly, and Mr. Florian was a hoot! And a great help.

We met Trish for late lunch at Monterreys. Good guacamole! And the only sweet tea I am allowed this week. Alas, I am on a "trim down the sugar" diet.

Then it was on to Comfort Zone. It has been several years since I have invested in good Burks, so it was past time. I got black suede Arizonas, grey suede Arizonas (left), "antique dune" mules, and North Face flipflops (with arch support!!!). The older I get, the more I seem to need more expensive, better supportive shoes. So tomorrow morning, into the trash go all my cute little "hurt-my-feet" flip flops that I have worn to work.

Hasn't this weather been great!?! Before I went to bed last night, I let Meg out for the last time and sat on the deck for awhile, stargazing. Our back-yard neighbor has one of those bright street lights right near our pool, so it is not completely dark enough to see all the stars that I like to see. I did find Ursa Minor and what I think is part of Aquarius. What I would like to find is a good place nearby that is safe for stargazing; then I would have to actually memorize the constellations! :-P

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