Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And Fall Break begins...

So my first day of Fall Break went well, unlike the first day of Spring Break earlier this year (my beloved English springer spaniel Hershey died in my arms). It's hard to believe that it has been seven months now. I miss my dear boy!

I slept late (woohoo!), read a little, helped Trish tidy up the house a bit, did laundry, and got a two-hour Young Living oils massage from my friend Melanie. What a wonderful belated birthday gift that was!!! Thanks, Melanie...may Jesus bless you for blessing me! Class afterwards, then grocery shopping with Mom, dinner at home with Tricia, "Castle" and Lie to Me," and more reading before bed.

Mom brewed a pot of coffee this morning and left me a cup. Yum! :-) I feel quite reclusive today. I've been studying for both classes and working on a book report presentation. And I am blogging. :-)

So, the two south end bathrooms at Mom's house are "no more." Daniel cracked and bashed and sawed and hauled and demolished them. He is off on a bike ride to GA right now, so we are (im)patiently waiting for work to commence. There is a great deal of electrical, plumbing, and cement work to be done that is daunting. In the meantime, I am eager to get our new laundry room completely set up (Sarah's old bedroom). It is in working order, but is still cluttered with storage items, furniture, etc. Two weeks ago, I tackled the linen closet "clean and pitch," so while I have off this week, I am going to attempt the laundry room "empty and move." :-)

Saturday we attended Katie Callow and Jeremy Empie's wedding (it was also the wedding day of Luke Dove, Abigail Paul, Josh Showalter and Mrs. McWha). I guess 10/9/10 & 10/10/10 were busy wedding days around the country. Here are some of my pics from the day...

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