Monday, July 5, 2010

the 4th

We had a great July 4th with most of the family gathered at the "White house" for fun, food, and general niece-enjoyment! Corrie Lynn was a hoot the whole day...what a character! Mom, Trish & I got there a little after 2 and finished setting up the food service. Nanny Linda came late, but she seemed to enjoy herself. Sarah came for a short while, but only ate and slept and left early. Daniel worked so he didn't come. Trish and I took CL in her little red car down to the water for a stroll. Several of their neighbors were putting on competing fireworks shows; it was fun to watch. Then we got out the sparklers that I had gotten at the tent sale and CL LOVED them. Cute pics coming! :-D A lovely day in all.

I think that Cori is having a boy, but we should find out for sure in several weeks. She is carrying very high this time, and the heart beat is slower than CL's was, even though they could hear it earlier this time. He will be Benjamin Michael (I know...common name). Anyway, I would like for it to be a girl. But then again, I don't really care which it is! :-D More to LOVE!!!

Upon finding out that Sono Harris had died today, I perused several blogs by her family members and found this article about their household of Faith Community Church's tenants. It mirrors almost exactly what I believe about the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Not being a cessationist makes me different in theology from just about everyone I know in my literary world and the homeschool community in general. I had no idea, except for the fact that Josh took over C. J. Mahaney's pastorate, that they were full-gospel.  Charismatic In Ministry
I did know that they were Reformed/Calvinist. I wonder if there is a branch church nearby here anywhere. Something to research. Our local full-Gospel churches are liberal in doctrine, so we haven't ever fit in anywhere.

Marisa gets married on Saturday. Looking forward to that. She and Dustin are very happy together! :-)

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