Sunday, May 2, 2010

it's a brand new day

Mom, Trish, and I took subs and sodas over to Cori and Brian's house last night. We wanted to see our boo; she is growing up so fast! Each week, she gets a new mannerism or habit that is so endearing! When i got the the bottom of their porch stairs, I called out through the open door, "Corrie Lynn!" A few seconds later, she popped through the door, her hair in ringlets, grinning and waiving excitedly!

This was a busy week for us. Sarah and I chaperoned the Prom at Cafe Grazie in Orange Beach, Alabama on Friday night. Michael O and Corey J tied for Prom King!!!! And Alex B was voted Prom Queen. :-) We met Aly's new boyfriend Wes; he seems perfect for her. We all had a DELICIOUS dinner, and after the great fun of voting for superlatives, most of us headed out to Gulf Shores to spend several hours playing at Adventure Island. Due to inclement weather, the putt-putt and bumper boats were closed, so they played laser tag and arcades until we left around 10:30. I took pictures. I slept great that night, grateful for my pillowtop!!!

The caps & gowns finally came in this week. The seniors are excitedly preparing...only three weeks to go! I have a few things left to iron out (rehearsal, pianist, group photo shoot) but everything is coming together. I was able to cancel a few of my tutor students for the month of May, so I will have extra time to accomplish all that I need to get done!

Tomorrow I meet with an Army commander from Mobile regarding the school's accreditation. Matt J. is enlisting, our first grad in the Army. I am a little nervous, but only because it is on Monday, my most hectic teaching day (writing class!). Then on Tuesday, I meet with the workman's com insurance auditor. All my superb bookkeeping had better pay off! :-)

I spent this morning organizing my class binder and printing all my power points and essays for this writing class. I am not taking any summer classes; I am just too tired and need to rest from the frenetic life I lead. I signed up for my fall classes- literature and intro to exceptional child. Also finished my FAFSA.

Finished reading Beverly Lewis' The Telling. Great ending to a slow-moving trilogy. I saved the end until after my class was over so that I could enjoy it more.

Well, the spaghetti sauce is calling my name, and Mom and Trish want my company for the evening. I wish I had more time to blog and record my life and thoughts. Jesus, help me to slow down!!!

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