Sunday, June 8, 2014


I am reading and studying the book of Colossians today, doing an inductive study on it using The Hayford Bible Handbook. Love this resource (thanks for sharing, Mama!).

Some excerpts from my reading:

"Colossians shows that our acceptance before God, and thereby our authority under Him, result from our finding both pardon and position in Christ."

"'In Christ,' each believer has been invited to be a 'joint heir' with Christ, possibly the most amazing proposition in the whole of redemption's provisions."

"For Paul, the lordship of Christ in the believer's life is the most critical and clearest evidence of the Spirit's presence."

"Because the believer is risen with Christ (3:1-4), he is to put off the old man and put on the new (3:5-17), which will result in holiness in all relationships (3:18-25)."

"Colossians sets forth Christ as supreme Lord in whose sufficiency the believers find completeness."

"'Jesus is Lord' is the church's earliest confession. It remains the abiding test of authentic Christianity."

"Ascetic observance does not enhance our standing before God."

"Our preoccupation must be with Jesus Christ and God's Word. Our appeal is to the Holy Spirit, who makes available every gift necessary for our lives and for the liberating work of Christ in the world."

As I read this commentary and these chapters penned by the Apostle Paul, I am stirred with conviction and godly remorse. I don't think that I have followed the three steps here and put off my old man and put on the new completely, so I don't have the result of holiness in all my relationships. I fail miserably here. I do not "walk worthy of the Lord (1:10)."

Just today, I snapped at my sister for criticizing my driving. I just blew up. If my old man is put off, is dug out, and is put to death, then my response would have been a world of different. I have been delivered from the power of darkness by Jesus' work on the Cross (1:13), and I have got to live like it! I am "not to allow anything other than the Word of God to control or judge" me.

Something else come to mind that I constantly need to remember: never allow worldly pursuits to "waste my mental or spiritual energy." I am interested in so many different things, various passions and hobbies. Concentrate, Mary Beth. Set your affections and thinking on Jesus (3:1). 

Jesus has done this work already with His death and resurrection. But it's not enough to know or believe this. I must trust in it and adopt and practice it diligently (3:12-14). Yahweh's purpose is for Jesus to be reproduced in me.

And I need to be more diligent in Bible study and memory/meditation (3:16-17). I need to devote more of my life to prayer (4:2-6). I repent for prayerless days, Lord. My time is Your gift.

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