Thursday, August 30, 2012


Life-filling gratitude...

154. Grand and wonderful reading for this new class

155. A sausage gravy and biscuit breakfast, bought for me by my BFIL

156. Nightsounds radio program by Bill Pierce on WEGS

157. The blessedness of freedom to vote for our country's leaders

158. The power of prayer

159. The mandate to "confront the powers of darkness fearlessly, with HIS authority" (D. Wilkerson)

Curious Meg, what big ears you have!
160. Dog being let out on accident, being found by HIS purpose

161. Rainy bands from the outskirts of Hurricane Isaac, and no more

162. Productive days at the school office

163. Finding what was lost

164. The smell of clean laundry (and having it to wear!)

165. Milk!

166. The robust political stimulation of the RNC in Tampa this week

167. Peace that passes all understanding

168. A lifetime of trust in a sovereign and loving God

169. Parents that educated us in the history of Christianity

170. A PLACE is being prepared for me in GLORY!

"Give thanks to the Lord! His Love Endures Forever!"

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