Friday, June 8, 2012


96. A good movie to watch at the theater, with no bad language or explicit scenes

97. Reasonable tickets for an evening of worship with John Mark McMillan

98. Laughter over dinner with old friends

99. Energy and health (when I need it) to clean the house

100. Two grumpy and stubborn little girls to train and teach

101. Bright marigolds blooming in this heat

102. Fist-sized tomatoes on the vine, right in my own backyard!

103. A crystal-clear pool to cool off in at the end of the day

104. Finally fitting back into a fav pair of denim shorts

105. enjoy reading without the stress of hurrying

106. Lemon-pepper seasoning

107. The best-friendship of a dear sister

108. The pleasant smell of Swiffer mopping solution that lingers in a cleaned room

109. Sciatic relief after an acupressure appointment with Dr. Hendricks

110. A delicious Cobb salad at Panera with Mom, on the road back from Ft. Walton Beach

111. A peaceful trip with pleasant conversation

112. Finding a beautiful nautilus shell at Seashell City in Navarre on our way home

113. The delight that cowrie shell turtles and wedding bubbles bring to two adorable toddlers

114. A relaxing and much-needed massage this afternoon

115. Rain, that ruins my beach plans but saves me garden water

116. For Mr. Ziel's delivery of heaps of free dirt to fill the old fish pond hole, a HUGE answer to prayer!

"Give thanks to the Lord! His Love Endures Forever!"

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