Thursday, July 21, 2011

good eats

So, I was feeling rather homemaker-ish today and came home after work and cooked!
Chicken pot pie & a fresh blueberry lemon layered bar, both turned out so delicious that my proverbial buttons were popping from joy. :-D The last pot pie that I attempted was such a failure, that I hardly wanted to eat it after it was done. And this one was so different, that I think it shocked me!

Anyway, I had prepped and done my grocery shopping on Saturday:
2 pie crusts
white meat chicken, boiled/keep broth ( I used a sm pkg of tenders)
frozen mixed veggies, cooked for 10 minutes or so
1 can cream of chicken
salt, pepper, garlic salt, Nature's Seasoning, poultry seasoning to taste
1/2 stick of butter
After I assembled everything and crimped/poked the top crust, I baked it on 400 for 30 minutes until it was bubbly and little messy around the edges.

And the blueberry lemon bar was a recipe that I had gotten from Marisa from the last game night that they hosted. It turned out well too. And the best part...there are leftover for tomorrow's lunch!!!

Thank the Lord for small favors, and delicious culinary results!

1 comment:

  1. sounds tasty! i have all the ingredients for that breakfast casserole you made and hope to make it this week!


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