Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankfulness- G

Lord, I am so grateful for You!
You are my God, and You keep Your promises!
I am never alone, trying to figure it all out by myself.
You hear every cry of my heart.
You satisfy my every need, or at least those You deem to be needs. ;-)
I have prayed for many things, and received them.
I am praying for many more, some of which have been a long time in coming.
Hasten the day, Lord. Hasten the day.

Your plan for eternity includes me.
You are my shield and defense.
I trust in You.
You will never leave or forsake me.
May my life bring you praise!
When others blaspheme your name by living carelessly, let it inspire me to shine brighter for You.
Lord, teach me Your ways and commands.
Rid me of errant thoughts and sinful deeds.
Let my besetting sins be removed and shown for what they really are.
You have always dealt mercifully with me.
You have buried my sins in the deepest ocean and do not remember them.

God, please save my loved ones from eternal destruction.
Open their spiritual eyes to see the damnation and consequences they bring upon themselves.
Help them to see Your great Love and Mercy.

Your Son and my Savior sits on heaven's mercy seat.
O Lamb of God, You are worthy of all praise and honor and glory.
Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord God almighty!
You are the Great Mystery.

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