Sunday, November 7, 2010

stubbed toes and falling rain

Monday, my team and I presented our Autism project. It went so well, I was proud of us!!! About a third of our class was absent; I had noticed that the parking lot was largely empty when I pulled up. Wonder what was up with that?!? Got this e-mail from Dr. A later in the week...

"Your group did an outstanding job on the presentation. I wish all groups would put in the time your group put into yours."

We did good!!! :-D

We endured a horrible storm on Wednesday..a cold front was pushing a rainstorm our way. It rained so hard that our front yard and the school's yard were 6-inch lakes. I was appointed the "go-get-lunch" girl. I got out of the car, trying to balance my purse withan umbrella, drink, and bag of BK. After three or four steps, the strap of my flip-flop popped, and everything went flying. I stubbed my toes badly (broke one nail about 1/3 back...ouch!!!) on the parking rocks in my attempt to  clutch everything. Ugh. Lost my fries on the ground and smashed the sandwiches. Was totally soaked by the time I got inside. Had to start right back to teaching. Sarah rescued me and lent me her sandals, since I had an interview at 5 (Thank you, boo!). What a day! :-(

The rest of the week went better. Two new student interviews. Testing again on Friday.

And....I had Saturday OFF!!!! Was able to get the November billing done for Mama. Odds and ends. Beckey came over to pick up the parakeet food that I wanted to pass along (don;t know why we still have it; we haven't had a bird in years!). Ran over to Cori's to drop off several things that came in from eBay for JM, but she hadn't unlocked her door, so I couldn't get in. Something about being dizzy and not able to get up. Anyway. Drove with Mom (to keep her company) so she could pick up some fish tacos at Cactus Flower. Then home to cook.

I pan-fried okra and made our delicious peach cobbler. Sarah came in for dinner after her bike ride with Daniel downtown to the Arts Festival. Tricia cooked a pork roast and baked sweet potatoes. Delish! She also rented two DVDs (RedBox!!!) for our evening: "Prince of Persia" and "Toy Story 3". The first was scarily great, the second was scarily horrible. How many little tykes are going to be scarred from that film?!? I hope my nieces never see it...made me think of my five-year-old experience of watching "Les Miserables" and having nightmares for a year afterwards! :-(

Our south-end bathroom remodel is in slow progress, but it's moving along. The Hogans were here this week, chipping up old cement and relaying the combined plumbing. We are hoping Daniel will get it all done by Christmas!!! Fingers crossed.

Today, I am working on a comparison-contrast paper about B. Franklin vs. J. Edwards. It's interesting, to say the least. Also have some papers to grade, and finances to organize for this past paycheck. Tricia is making salmon croquets, mashed potatoes, and baby limas for dinner. I LOVE our southern cookin! And Rascal Flatts' "Life is a Highway"...good ol' country!

That cold front is here in's in the 30s, and the heat is on. Our weird and varied Gulf Coast weather! Meg got a knuckle bone this morning and chewed it right down. She's currently sitting at my feet, patiently waiting for another throw of her toy.

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