Sunday, October 24, 2010

rain and baby showers

So yesterday was Cori's (and Juliana Mae's!!!) baby shower. The ladies at Warrington Worship Center prepared a delicious spread, I took goodies from the bakery, and Sarah made an adorable pink and purple giraffe cake and chocolate iced cupcakes. The punch was a ginger ale & lime sherbet concoction...yum!

There were quite a few ladies and children there (I forgot to get a head count). I know it blessed Cori to have everyone come. Not only were the church ladies there, but Cori's violin students and their mamas, and some of our family friends as well.

I got there a little before 1 pm and set up my bakery sweets. I saw that we needed some more decorations, so I had Tricia prep pink and purple balloons to attach to the chairs all around the room. Then back to the house to get dressed and to Walmart for flowers and cards. I was 10 minutes late so I missed the three games, but I arrived before everyone else in the fam. We are a mess! :-P

I had the responsibilities of cutting the cake and recording the gifts. JM got some really practical things (i.e. diapers, wipies, a wipie warmer, diaper pail, a giant frog bathtub toy scoop from Alice S, an essential oils compendium from Debra W, a safety gate from MaeMae, a bouncer from Nanny, sleepers, a stereo from Aunt Tricia, an "A-B-C Song" playing giraffe from me, onesies, socks, caps, bibs, sleeper sets), as well as cute and fun stuff too (crocheted baby blanket, receiving blankets, 1st Christmas bear, and Madame Alexander "My First Huggums" babydoll). And these are only the ones that I remember, so there were more. The WWC ladies helped us load the gifts into the van, and Sarah and I unpacked and sorted all the gifts, since Cori is so far along now that everything is difficult for her to do. Juliana now has a trunk full of natural diapers and wipies!!! :-D

On Friday afternoon, I hosted the CIAS Operation Christmas Child packing party. We had 12 or so kids to come, and we packed 9 boxes! I have always wanted to participate in OCC, but never had the chance to, so, I had a joyful time shopping at Walmart & $ Tree for boy and girl stuff for my boxes! :-)

And today I am working on organizing my team's research and inserting it all into the Autism power point that I have done for our presentation. I also have to grade students' papers from my writing classes. And it's raining (acorns and real rain!). :-)

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